My Interview with Harry Wright

I wanted a story for my TV module production. I decided to cover the Inter-school under 19 T20 match. After taking permission and everything, we went to the ground to cover the match. We got to work and started interviewing people there. I noticed a White man wearing shorts and T-shirt, walking past us. I assumed he must be a tourist. But then, someone sitting over told us that the son of John Wright (former New Zealand player and coach) was there.

I felt really lucky and we said an immediate ‘yes’ to it. It was that very same man whom I assumed a tourist. Actually, he was on duty, updating live scores to Stephen Flemming’s website. He works for the website. I immediately improvised a set of questions and did a spontaneous interview (which I even bungled up on the first and then we made a retake). Thanks a lot to Harry Wright himself and also my teammate and cameraman Bhaskar Goswami.


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